Getting Started

This section will help you build your Graphletter environment.

  • Step. 1: Launching a new processing activity with the help of Graphletter

Every day, your organization is processing data to fulfill the needs of its users and partners. To build a compliant privacy program, you need to understand your risks and identify steps for mitigation.

  • Step. 2: Graphletter helps you first establish the context in which your processing activities are carried out.

Each activity should be analyzed to determine its purpose, technical features, points of access, and much more. Graphletter knows what questions to ask based on laws applicable to your organization.

  • Step. 3: Addressing the risks

Once the risks have been identified, Graphletter helps you determine if they are acceptable given your existing organizational measures and, if not, will provide recommendations for additional controls to mitigate the risks identified.

  • Step. 4: Managing your workflow

Continually monitor your organization's compliance posture through Graphletter's dashboard and quickly produce insights and metrics for reporting purposes.

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